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Staff also is concerned with salary, Ms. Malloy said. When comparing NKU salaries to similar jobs in the community, the college pay is lower, Ms. Malloy said.Valuation is helpful to get Things To Know About Property Valuers Adelaide price.Faculty would like the university to hire more full-time professors and a reduction in the number of part-time instructors, Andersen said.In an effort to woo disabled riders from special access buses to regular buses, the transit agencies serving Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati are taking action – Project Action, that is.

Project Action, a Washington, D.C.-based organization that promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in public transportation, is sending a national trainer to Cincinnati to conduct an orientation session Sept. 20 for disabled passengers who regularly ride buses operated by the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky and Metro Transit System in Cincinnati.Project Action’s national trainer, Eddie Espinosa, will host the session, which will look at the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to public transit and help disabled passengers become more familiar with using buses used by the transit systems on scheduled routes.

Metro had originally been picked to host the training session, and later included TANK, said Chris Fischer, TANK’s marketing manager. Both systems operate RAMP, or Regional Mobility Access Programs, which provide door-to-door service to disabled using specially equipped van-type buses.TANK serves registered RAMP riders, and Metro serves.The session is free, but advanced registration is required. The session will begin at about and last until about in Union Terminal at the Museum Center in Cincinnati. To register or for additional information.

Federal and state regulators are closing St. John’s Health Care Center after a day investigation found life-threatening neglect of safety, sanitation and medical care at the bed nursing home in Covington.St. John’s vowed to fight the decision and attempt to stay open.”We’re doing everything we can from a legal perspective to slow down or stop this process,” said Glen Choban, president of Sunbelt Health Care Centers, which runs St. John’s.”Every violation is an appealable violation.”

The decision, if it stands, would break a year cycle of complaints and inspections, none of which had been followed by any move to shut down the home. But no inspection has been as comprehensive or as critical as the one the state Division of License and Regulation concluded this week.In one case, a patient’s cancer spread after his prescribed radiation treatments were never started. His condition worsened as did his extreme pain, according to a citation against St. John’s for patient neglect.Valuation is able to provide flexible services.

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