The sale of a house at an advanced age with Property  valuation

When the Property  valuation or environment is no longer suitable for age and personal goals, selling your own property is often a wise step.

The sale of a house or an apartment is a complex process, all the steps of which must be carefully thought out and coordinated. This goes for sellers of all ages. For older homeowners, selling is often particularly emotionally taxing, as moving involves saying goodbye to familiar, memory-laden surroundings. But at the same time, selling for reasons of age has a liberating effect for many people and is the right decision for the future. For example, it becomes possible to realize a long-held dream with the proceeds of the sale or to move close to children and relatives in order to spend retirement surrounded by those you love.

Another reason to sell may also be that your current living space has become too big after the children have left and you now feel alone in your house or apartment. A smaller property may then be the ideal solution for you. At the same time, moving to a smaller apartment or house reduces the time spent on household chores and maintenance. This will give you more free time to indulge in your hobbies, relax or take care of your grandchildren.

Even if major renovation works are planned in the near future or if the transformation of your property to adapt it to the needs of the elderly is not possible, selling may be a wise option for you.

As an experienced Property  valuation agent, we take care of all the steps necessary for the optimal sale of your house or apartment. We put your needs at the center of the action. For this, we listen to you quietly and inform you about the important points to consider when selling Property  valuation and how we support you as a strong partner with our comprehensive service.

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Lynn Parker